The Wells Historical Society meets four (4) times per year on the first Wednesday of the month:

Our first meeting is in April with a Pancake supper which includes sausage, and fresh maple syrup.

Our second meeting is in June with a Pot-Luck Supper.

Our third meeting is in August with a Cook Out / Barbecue and wonderful sides from the garden.

Our fourth and final meeting of the year is in October where we celebrate with a Harvest Supper.

Meetings for 2017:

April 5th, 2017:  first meeting of the year.  Bill Clark to report on this year's maple production. Pancake Supper

June 7th, 2017: Pot Luck Supper    

August 2nd, 2017:  Annual meeting with collection of dues and election of officers. Cook Out Supper.  175th Anniversary of the Wells Methodist Church.

October 4th, 2017:  Harvest Supper